What material are your Motifs made from?

Our motifs are made from high quality 2mm COR-TEN® steel.

COR-TEN® is a weathering steel that’s designed to rust…But not away. Getting its name from “Corrosion Resistant” and “Tensile Strength” COR-TEN® naturally halts deterioration and instead stays strong and solid. Once the beautiful patina has fully formed it seals off the steel underneath and starts to act as a protective coating, preventing further corrosion. Rather than lasting years, as standard mild steels would outside, our products last decades! COR-TEN® steel is often used in bridge building for its strength without the need to maintain or paint. Other examples of COR-TEN® include The Angel of the North and striking modern architecture such as The Basket Weave Building in St Petersburg and The Colossal Forest Tower near Copenhagen.

How will my Motif arrive?

We supply our Motifs in an unrusted state for it to then naturally develop its patina in situ in your garden.

Where are your Motifs made?

We are proud to say all our Motifs are British Made. As well as all boxes and product tags.

Will my Motif encourage or deter wildlife from my garden?

As far as we can tell wildlife is unaffected either way by our motifs. So no need to worry, all your regular visitors will carry on swooping by!

Will I be able to return my Motif?

Please see our refund policy Here