Songbird Survival

At MetalMotif, we are passionate about creating unique and stunning metal artwork that is inspired by nature, particularly birds. However, our admiration for these creatures goes beyond just their visual appeal. We deeply care about their well-being and the important role they play in our ecosystem. That's why we have teamed up with the charity Songbird Survival to give back and help protect these beautiful creatures that brighten our gardens and bring joy to our daily lives. By partnering with Songbird Survival, we can support their efforts to safeguard and conserve Britain's songbirds. At MetalMotif, we are committed to creating art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a positive impact on the world around us.

SongBird Survival (SBS) is an independent charity that funds research into the alarming decline in Britain’s much-loved songbirds.  With your support, they raise awareness of the plight of songbirds and other small birds, research the causes of their decline and promote solutions to restore songbird numbers.

CEO Susan Morgan, introduces who SBS is and what they do.

Who We Are

SongBird Survival is a charity that has been fighting for a
better future for UK songbirds since 2001.

Songbird populations have crashed in the last 50 years and
continue to decline. More than half our UK songbirds are threatened or in
decline. Species such as the tree sparrow, which were once common, have become
rare sightings.

With your support, we raise awareness of the plight of
songbirds and other small birds, research the causes of their decline and
promote solutions to restore songbird numbers.

Our vision is a rich, resilient and balanced UK songbird
population with numbers restored to mid- 20th century levels.

The Threats Birds Face

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How We Are Changing The Future For Songbirds

The reasons for songbird decline are intricate and complex.
They can divide opinion among scientists and conservationists. There are also
gaps in the evidence base that informs UK policy for conservation
action.  Only detailed scientific study will help understand what’s
really going on and identify the real drivers behind continued songbird

SongBird Survival is a science-led organisation. We commission and fund high
quality scientific research to fill in these evidence gaps and influence
conservation action.

Cats And Their Owners

Understanding how cats affect wildlife populations is
important. This multi partner project combined social science and ecology,
working directly with cat owners to co-design research activities. The results
are promising with the project finding practical demonstrable solutions which
can reduce predation of birds


Gardens For Birds

We spend over £200million on bird food every year but how do
we know we are doing he right thing for wildlife?  Our research has identified how to increase
garden bird survival and developed best practice advice for bird feeding.

Our educational campaigns turn our scientific research into
practical solutions which help birds to survive and thrive.


We help you make a positive difference for songbirds by
providing practical expert advice and information on ways in which to protect
and support birds and wildlife in your gardens and local environment.


With your support we can ensure the sound of the Dawn Chorus
for our children and grandchildren. 

We rely on voluntary donations and membership fees to fund
our vital work. There is a need for much more scientific research to find and
implement the solutions before time runs out for UK songbirds.